Stereotype Life: Episode 3 Beth Vigoren

The third episode of Stereotype Life came out today. Apologies for the one day delay. We decided it was important to re-record in light of the recent death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests.

In this episode, we discuss life as a first generation student and single mother from rural Minnesota with Beth Vigoren. What assumptions do we make about first-generation and/or rural students? How do we handle sensitive, but timely topics in our classroom, that could potentially divide the classroom community, and at the same time, take care of our students’ emotional well-being during these conversations? How do we develop skills in self-advocacy and asking powerful questions?

Highlights include:

  1. First experiences transitioning into college (2:15)
  2. Self-advocacy and rural students’ perception of professors (6:55)
  3. Student conferences and de-centering authority (10:15)
  4. Finding and developing an on-campus community (13:02)
  5. Stereotypes of rural students (14:57)
  6. Being belittled in academia as a rural student (18:00)
  7. Defining rural intersectional feminism (20:40)
  8. The death of George Floyd and the recent protests (23:00)
  9. Handling sensitive, but timely topics in the classroom and asking powerful questions (25:41)
  10. Challenging thoughts and beliefs when one feels their identities are at-stake (35:47)
  11. Process-Based Pedagogy (42:52)
  12. What failure teaches about having good conversations (45:55)

To listen to the podcast and/or view show notes, resources mentioned, our guest’s brief biography, and a downloadable, accessible PDF transcript, please visit:

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