Stereotype Life: Episode 4 Jason Anderson

The fourth episode of Stereotype Life came out today. Apologies for the two day delay. As someone who wears hearing aids, I was struggling with creating the transcripts despite using a program (transcripts need to be double checked since the software isn’t perfect).

I sent out a call asking for an editor and luckily, someone volunteered! Her name is Frankie Martinez, a fiction writer from California. I’m so grateful. You can learn more about her here at and also on her website

Anyway, in the fourth episode of STL, we discuss self-accommodation, self-advocacy and building resilience with Jason Anderson. How do we make accommodations for ourselves, learn how to self-advocate, and figure out what we need so that we can get what we need to be successful? What does it mean to build resilience? What are some resources in the community to help students with disabilities?

Highlights include:

  1. How Jason became involved in disability services (3:01)
  2. The differences between little “d” and big “D” in the Deaf community (4:53)
  3. Asking for help (10:31)
  4. What is self-accommodation and how do we build self-advocacy skills? (12:14)
  5. The differences between 504, IDEA Act and ADA (16:12)
  6. What is the process for working with an Access Specialist? (20:55)
  7. How do you have the conversation about accommodations with your instructor? (23:06)
  8. What is resilience and how do you build it? (24:55)
  9. Jason’s example of advocating for captions as a student (28:10)
  10. What are some resources out there to help students? (31:55)
  11. Do you have any final advice? (38:32)

To listen to the podcast and/or view show notes, resources mentioned, our guest’s brief biography, and a downloadable, accessible PDF transcript, please visit:

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