Stereotype Life: Episodes 6-10

DJ Lee’s book Remote: Finding Home In the Bitterroots. How does “place” function as an archive? How is writing also a spiritual experience? What were mental hospitals like in the 40s and 50s? What does it mean to write through shame? How is mental illness in some ways un-boundaried like the wilderness?  Listen here. The importanceContinue reading “Stereotype Life: Episodes 6-10”

Stereotype Life: Episode 5 Dr. Katie Rose Guest Pryal

Connecting with Dr. Katie Rose Guest Pryal on her book, Life of the Mind Interrupted: Essays on Mental Health and Disability in Higher Education. What are some of the pros and cons for keeping a psychiatric disability hidden? How do we challenge stereotypes and the notion that seeking accommodations is cheating? How do we raise awarenessContinue reading “Stereotype Life: Episode 5 Dr. Katie Rose Guest Pryal”

Stereotype Life: Episode 4 Jason Anderson

The fourth episode of Stereotype Life came out today. Apologies for the two day delay. As someone who wears hearing aids, I was struggling with creating the transcripts despite using a program (transcripts need to be double checked since the software isn’t perfect). I sent out a call asking for an editor and luckily, someoneContinue reading “Stereotype Life: Episode 4 Jason Anderson”

Stereotype Life: Episode 3 Beth Vigoren

The third episode of Stereotype Life came out today. Apologies for the one day delay. We decided it was important to re-record in light of the recent death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests. In this episode, we discuss life as a first generation student and single mother from rural Minnesota with Beth Vigoren.Continue reading “Stereotype Life: Episode 3 Beth Vigoren”

Stereotype Life: Episode 2 Meredith Williams

The second episode of Stereotype Life drops tomorrow, May 20 at 12pm CT. In this podcast episode, I interview Meredith Williams, a PhD student in Public Health at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Meredith talks about public health, universal design for learning and the DREAM organization. What Is public health? What things do we needContinue reading “Stereotype Life: Episode 2 Meredith Williams”

Stereotype Life: Episode 1 John Thurgood

The inaugural episode of Stereotype Life drops on May 6, 2020 at 12pm central. In this podcast episode, I interview John Thurgood, a PhD student, teaching assistant and fiction writer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He talks about creative writing, skateboarding, grad school & teaching amid the coronavirus pandemic. Highlights include: A quote from KyleContinue reading “Stereotype Life: Episode 1 John Thurgood”